My Infantigo Experience


My Infantigo. How I could have avoided it.

I am a healthy 29 year old male who contracted infantigo, aka impetigo. It all began with a minor cut, not very deep but an inch or so long on my palm, an injury sustained while gardening. The cut was cleaned immediately and treated with Polysporin and covered with a Band Aid. After a day the antiseptic cream and covering were removed and the cut was healing well.

4 days later I was on a plane to the UK. A few days later the cut was itchy and another day or so later the scab from the impetigo infection was blistering and cracking and the cut appeared to be getting larger. I went to the local doctor who immediately diagnosed me with infantigo, probably contracted through contact with an infected person via a common object. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics and the problem had cleared up within a couple of weeks.

Any public area is a potential high risk area for conditions like infantigo (impetigo) that can be transmitted from person to person, the bacteria can be transferred when an infected person touches any object with their skin. The bacteria are then picked up by an unsuspecting victim who touches the contaminated item later. The bacteria can only enter the human system through cuts or abrasions in the skin... If the skin is healthy then the bacteria cant get in and are usually washed off when the person next washes their hands. If you have a cut or abrasion the bacteria can enter and cause an infection. Door handles, luggage trolley handles, hand railings, seats and seat belts etc all provide good opportunities for the bacteria to spread.

Home remedies: Mild cases of infantigo or impetigo may be cured using Dermisil or Polysporin.

To avoid contracting infantigo while at risk by being in a public area with a cut, you should be extra careful to wash regularly with a mild soap. Cover the cut or abrasion with a Band Aid and change this dressing regularly. In addition there are many preparations available that can be used to boost the immune system giving your body the best chance to fight off the infection on its own. Dermisil is a proprietary brand that claims to help.

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