Infantigo Home Remedies


Infantigo Pseudonyms

It has recently come to our attention that there are many pseudonyms for the word infantigo. For instance, if you have a skin rash, and someone says that you have infantigo, it is likely that they are referring to the common skin rash called impetigo.

Infantigo Home Remedies

But rest assured, whatever the name, this skin rash is can be very cumbersome. If you are looking for home remedies, than we suggest lots of fluids, especially hot herbal teas. Along with hydrating yourself, you may choose to get some relief by using a skin cream of your choice. Of course you can always consult with your doctor, but this may not be necessary, as waiting out the end of your infantigo is likely the remedy she will suggest.

Another home remedy you may be interested in to ease the itch of infantigo is a poultice of herbs. This is an ancient technique that gets thumbs up from traditional medical doctors. Make sure that you consult a reputable book or website about herbal remedies before preparing your infantigo cure. Perhaps you could search for the terms herbal poultice remedy, or something like that?


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