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Do You Have an Itchy Skin Rash?

It seems there is a "rash" of infantigo these days (pun intended!). We've noticed in the last few weeks (updated Yesterday: Saturday, May 2019) that there have been more searches for infanigo than normal.

What is Infantigo

The infection (which is also known as impetigo) is a skin rash most common among kids age 2-6 years (infantigo is rare among people not in this age group but can infect older childen and adults).

Skin infections and rashes are often caused by different Streptococcistrains than the strains that are associated with strep throat. It is important to note, however, that infantigo can also be caused by a Staphylococcus infection.

Infantigo Rash: Signs and Symptoms

The first thing to look for are pimple-like lesions surrounded by reddened skin form. These lesions will fill with pus, and then break down over four to six days, forming a thick crust after this duration.

Because of the associated itchy rash, infantigo can be associated with bites from insects, and other forms of trauma to the skin like minor cuts and rashes. It is common for the infantigo rash to itch. Be aware that scratching the infection may spread the lesions.

Transmission of Impetigo

Infantigo is spread by direct contact with lesions or possibly with nasal carriers. The incubation period of infantigo is one to three days, depending on many factors. Once the infantigo rash has dried, the Streptococci in the air are not infectious to intact skin.

Diagnosis of Infantigo

The diagnosis of infantigo is made based on the typical appearance of the skin. The lesions will likely itch. See pictures of Infantigo for a pictorial diagnosis.

Treatment of Infantigo

A good skin cream is your best bet at helping to ease the itchy skin caused by impetigo. The most common method of treating infantigo is to use a prescribed topical or oral antibiotic. You may also be interested in trying some of the many home remedies for infantigo, including skin creams designed to ease the discomfort.

Other terms for Infantigo
Skin rashes often develop different names. Some other terms for Infantigo are impetigo, impatigo, and impatego.

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